Our Roots

Our Roots

Old Resita - Clinprint” Starting a new way is never easy so … keep starting until the start sticks.” Tim Fargo
ClinPrint was founded in 2014 in Resita.

The name of Reșița might come from the Latin recitia, meaning “cold spring”, as the historian Nicolae Iorga once suggested, presuming that the Romans gave this name to Resita, from a water spring on the Doman valley. A much more plausibile version, according to Iorgu Iordan, would be that the name is actually coming from a Slavic word: people living in the neighbouring village of Carașova 15 km away, referring to this place, that in those days was a similar village to theirs, as being „u rečice” (at the creek). It can also be noted that almost all Slavic countries have places with the name of Rečice (pronounced Recițe in Romanian).

Historically, the town has its origins in the 15th century under the name of Rechyoka and Rechycha. Archaeological research found traces of habitation going back to the Neolithic, Dacian and Roman eras. It was mentioned in 1673 under the name of Reszinitza.

The city is situated around the flow of the Bârzava river that runs through all the city and collects the Doman river, in the centre of the city. The shape of the city is imitating the shape of the Bârzava river amongst the hills, while only few buildings are erected on the hills, mostly houses.

It is made of three main areas, two former villages that were very close: Romanian Reșița (Romanian: Reșița Română or Olah Resitza) and Highland Reșița (Romanian: Reșița Montană, Eisenwerk Reschitza or Nemet Reschitza); a new area, recently built, made of tower blocks on a wide opened meadow, called Bârzava’s Meadow.

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